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Devolution Devolution

Accountability of the Delivery Mechanism – Gram Sabha 2011

Feedback from across the country states taht Gram Sabha attendance is too thin. MoPR issued a note stating all Sarapanches and Secretaries /Sachivs need to prepare in advance annual calendar of...

General General

Appropriate Technologies - Sustainable Livelihoods: Lessons for Disaster Resilient Construction in Odisha

This publication discusses the outlines results from a UNDP partnership with the Government of Odisha and supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and Care Today that...

Social Sector Service Delivery Resource Book Good Practices

This Report is a compilation of 34 case studies from across India that showcases practices that played a significant role in improving delivery of services. It is widely recognised that while India...

Guidance Note on Recovery: Livelihood

The document provides guidelines on how to protect, restore and develop the immediate, short and long-term livelihood needs of disaster-affected populations.
The Audience of this Report is...

Roundtable on Implementation Framework of Aajeevika

This report synthesizes the key recommendations thathave emerged from the various thematic discussions taken up by Microfinance Community of Practice, Solution Exchange on the NRLM design and...

Strategies for implementation of National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM)

This document clearly informs about the possible strategies applied for the implementation of the NRLM. The publication incorporates outputs of the discussions on NRLM design and NRLM...
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Planning Planning

Field Manual on Planning and Management of Watershed Projects

This manual is a compilation of activities with techniques and procedures essential for the planning and management of watershed projects. The main objective of this manual, to provide directions...

Civil engineering Manual of Rural Development Department, 2001.

The Department of Rural Development is involved in lot of civil works and these works are being executed through Panchayati Raj Institutions. In this connection, the Civil Engineering Wing and...

Panchayats Communities and Social Development, Tamil Nadu, 2003.

This Book is written by the Prof. G. Palanithurai, Rajiv Gandhi Chair for Panchayat Raj Studies, Gandhigram, Tamilnadu in 2003.
The main objectives of this Report are the following:

Major Schemes of the Department of Panchayats: Gujarat

The Report discusses the Major Schemes in Gujarat State related to Panchayats and the Report prepared by the Department of Panchayats, Rural Housing and Rural Development, Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat.

Planning for Kohir Mandal (Medak District, Andhra Pradesh), 2001.

The Report presents the analyses of the existing situation, problems and potentialities of Kohir mandal, which is a relatively less developed mandal in Andhra Pradesh.
This Report provides...

Capacity Building Capacity Building

Training collection of PESA models for PESA refreshers

The study analyses the role of Panchayati Raj Institutions for the implementation of PESA it requires orientation training modules under the rules of scheduled tribal development area in the state...

Hamara Gaon Hamara Raj: A Booklet on Tribal Self Rule Law in Madhya Pradesh

This is a booklet on Tribal Self Rule Law in Madhya Pradesh. It discusses about powers and provision of Gram Sabha and Panchayat at the appropriate level. It further discusses the reservation of...

Election Election

Active Panchayat Series: Sanitation in Gram Panchayats

The publication aims to assist elected representatives and government functionaries in developing and promoting sanitary habits in the villages. It guides them on how to keep their village clean,...

Gender Issues Gender Issues

Report of the Study of Women Component Plan in Kerala, UNICEF 2008.

The Report is recommends the strengthening of gender tools and budgeting of proposed projects and guidelines. It also suggests an intensified programme for gender sensitisation in the district...

Child Development in Gram Panchayats

The document is a resource book for the elected representatives and functionaries of Gram Panchayats which discusses about child development in panchayats. The book addresses various issues related...

Human Resources Human Resources

Community Scorecard Manual, CGG

The community score card process is a monitoring tool used by community members or common users to exact social and public accountability and responsiveness for the service providers. The main...

Child Development in Gram Panchayats

The document is a resource book for the elected representatives and functionaries of Gram Panchayats which discusses about child development in panchayats. The book addresses various issues related...