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Finance Finance

Recommendations of the State Finance Commission

The frame work of recommendations by the subsequent state finance commissions are local bodies in awarding of grants to panchayats and municipalities, the term of reference (TOR) of the finance...

Action taken on the Recommendations State Finance Commission - Assam

This document pertains to explanatory memorandum on the Action Taken on the recommendations made by Assam SFC in its report submitted to the Governor and includes summary of the recommendations of...

Report of the Third State Finance Commission - Haryana

The document pertains to third SFC of Haryana and the document is divided into fourteen chapters that include constitution of state finance commission, state finance commissions- recommendations...

Action taken Report on the First Part of the Report of the Third State Finance Commission - Madhya Pradesh

The document pertains to ATR on the Report of the Third State Finance Commission (SFC) in Madhya Pradesh. The contents include recommendations on Financial Transfers, administrative...

Report of the Fourth State Finance Commission - Bihar

The report pertains to fourth SFC recommendations. The document is divided into thirteen chapters and include introduction, introduction, Status of Implementation of SFC Recommendations, State...
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Planning Planning

Training Modules on Integrated District Planning (IDP)

The document is a module discusses to the categories with capacity gaps relating to: awareness of roles/responsibilities of institutions in district planning and key planning outcomes, information...