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General General

Climate Change Adaptation Activities in India

The report provides information on climate change adaptation activities through a detailed review of the existing initiatives and programmes in India. Inparticular, the seven United Nations...

Inclusive Growth: A Sustainable Perspective

The paper aims to develop a conceptual approach to sustainable inclusion by addressing the questions on mainstream economy, growth, the deprived and sustainability of the inclusive process.

ToT Module on Sustainable Development Goals and Gram Panchayats (Session-Wise Training Modules on SDGs and Gram Panchayats)

This manual is intended to support an electronic training module developed to break down the Sustainable Development Goals for the understanding of local representatives and trainers. It contains...

Towards Climate Justice: Examples from Across India

This publication provides a few glimpses into recent efforts by the Government of India, state governments and communities around the country to build a more resilient future. A rapidly growing...

Sustainable Development Goals and Gram Panchayats: (Handbook for Trainers and Gram Panchayats)

This Handbook on Sustainable Development Goals and Gram Panchayats is for elected GP representatives and functionaries, and for resource persons supporting the planning process at the grassroots,...

Gender Issues Gender Issues

Gender and Climate Change: Framework for Analysis, Policy & Action

The paper provides a framework to analyse gender and climate change concerns in light of strengths and vulnerability of the poor, particularly women. It also outlines efforts being undertaken to...

Planning Planning

Role of Rural Local Governments in attainment of SDGs

The document is a Toolkit which provides a broader framework on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for the Rural Local Governments in India. This will help the States to set the road map for the...

Sustainable Development Goals and Targets

The document discusses the different Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to be achieved by the year 2030. It identifies the indicators for the Gram Panchayats to plan the process of attaining...

Madhya Pradesh State MDG Report

The report is an attempt to understand the MDG progress in Madhya Pradesh at the state level and also to gain deprivations and challenges that exists across the fifty one districts. This report...

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

This document is a power point presentation on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) presented in the Hindi. The presentation discusses the different Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and...

Sustainable Development Goals & Gram Panchayats

This document is meant for elected Gram Panchayat representatives and functionaries to use as a ready reference. It provides information on the SDGs directly related to GPs and can be used as the...
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