Devolution of functions, functionaries and funds to Panchayat Raj Institutions - A Perspective – 2015


Since 1992, Panchayati Raj System has gone a long way. Today, it is the bedrock of India’s rural development and poverty alleviation efforts. It has the potential of building a progressive India in harmony with the felt needs and aspirations of the people. Gram Panchayat is the mirror of the village; it reflects social reality. Thus, by strengthening the PR system, the community will be empowered to take their own decisions and implement them. Panchayati Raj System is the forum for decentralised planning and implementation of Government programmes; it is the best platform to give vent to the people’s needs and aspirations. Hence, empowerment of PRIs is essential for economic and social development of Rural Bharat. This report has discussed on the aspects of Devolution of Functions, Functionaries and Devolution of funds and financial autonomy.

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