First Independent Review Mission for Backward Regions Grant Fund – State Report – Chattishgarh - 2009


The Report discusses the Backward Regions Grant Fund in Chattishgarh State. The expected of outcome of the BRGF is to Mitigate regional imbalances, contribute towards poverty alleviations in backward districts and to promote accountable and responsible Panchayats and Municipalities. The main Objective of this Report on BRGF are bridge critical gaps in local infrastructure, Strengthen panchayats and Municipalities with capacity building to facilitate participatory planning, decision making, implementation and monitoring, Provide professional support to local bodies and to Improve the performance and delivery of critical functions. The summary of this report on BRGF in Chattishgarh is considered as a filler program and not so big in size by the stakeholders at the state and GP level. Out of the 16 districts 13 are eligible for for BRGF Grants. The annual BRGF grant entitlement for Chattiisgarh is 235 crores.

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