Selli Pet Gram Panchayat Development Plan - Puducherry


Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana (SAGY) is a Scheme that will actualize the dreams of rural India. The SAGY will keep the soul of rural India alive while providing its people with the physical amenities to enable freedom of choice to shape their own destiny. The Scheme is unique and transformative as it has a holistic approach towards development. It envisages integrated development of the village across multiple areas such as agriculture, health, education, sanitation, environment, livelihoods etc. It not only seeks to provide physical infrastructure and access to basic amenities but also improve the standard of living, enrich social capital and build community spirit. These are the ingredients that will ensure long term positive change and sustainability of this change. Strengthening of local democracy through strong and transparent Gram Panchayats and active Gram Sabhas and facilitating good governance are some of the important objectives of the Scheme.

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