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The India Panchayat Knowledge Portal (IPKP) is being setup by the Ministry as a catalogued repository of Panchayat related knowledge- processes, procedures, learnings, problem solving, innovation and creativity engaged (as lessons learnt) by the States/ other stakeholders, so that various stakeholders can access it for different uses. This would result in central availability of both theoretical and empirical knowledge for all the stakeholders to use.

The IPKP system would act for Panchayati Raj System, rural local self-governments, one of the biggest and key contributors to the Government policy-making, a categorised platform for production and consumption of data/information, which is currently highly unorganized and follows a silo approach. Moreover, a dedicated centralized Knowledge repository for Panchayati Raj system (i.e. IPKP), would provide a unified platform for the Ministry, State PR Departments, all PRIs, Institutions like NIRD/ SIRDs, Civil Society, NGOs, Citizens, and other public and private agencies, etc., to collaborate.

By institutionalising IPKP as a discipline would result in better achieving, or even exceeding, the individual/ organisational objectives. It will not just help individuals (staff and associated functionaries) more knowledgeable, but will be able to motivate them to create, transfer and apply knowledge with the purpose of better achieving objectives. This will also act as a repository of best practices undertaken by the PRIs at the national level, as well as the international level, which can be emulated by others.