The Role and Crisis of Women Leader at the Village Panchayat : Concerns Of Gujarat Women


With the statutory reservation Provision more than one million rural women have now assumed Panchayat Seats as member and one third of them as chair person in almost all states and Union Territories. The induction of Women in Panchayat institution is in sharp contrast to their representation in other Political Strata as well as in earlier Panchayat institutions. But the very integration of Women has evoked conflicting wave's elation, euphoria Particularly in Print and Public Pronouncements and apprehension and even enmity in Social and Political Para lance. In this light the Present study has attempted to examine various issues related to the Socio-economic and Political background and Personal characteristics of Women elected of PRI's and their Participation in different stages of the implementation of development Programmes and welfare activities and the extent of improvements that have occurred in their mobility, freedom, socio-economic status and empowerment after representing the panchayats. The Conclusions of this study will be useful for Researchers, Planners functionaries and the students of Politics.

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