Towards a Monitoring System for Local Governments A Method for Approach Development Potential ‘Pillars’ of an Approach


This report presents the findings, working results and recommendations of a consultancy to the Local Development Fund (LDF) , Nepal (NEP/99/C01) funded by the UNCDF. The immediate objective of the LDF is that ‘the local authorities (DDCs, VDCs) and grass-root organizations (UCs, COs) in the eight pilot districts implement and maintain small-scale rural infrastructure and other public investments in an effective, responsible and accountable manner’, which in turn will contribute to the development objective ‘poverty reduced in the eight pilot districts through provision of rural infrastructure and human resource development opportunities’ (LDF, 2001a). One of the outputs of the LDF Program relates to the need that ‘monitoring and evaluation system of DDCs and VDCs (are) strengthened’ (output 4) to enable the local governments to monitor and evaluate their development efforts by themselves as demanded in the Local Self-Governance Act 2055 (HGM/N, 1999). It is expected that ‘DDCs and VDCs (are increasingly) able to monitor and assess implementation performance and development progress……’ and that an increasing number ‘of DDCs where lessons learnt for best practices are analysed and disseminated to MLD and other agencies’ (LDF, 2001a).

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