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People’s Plan Campaign (PPC)

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Guidelines for preparation of GPDP

PDP handbook 2022

Framework for preparation of BPDP and DPDP


National Workshop on People's Plan Campaign (PPC) 2022

Sl.No. Program Presentation by Presentation
1. Analytical Presentation of PPC Campaign focusing on evidence based planning Smt. Rekha Yadav (JS-MoPR) PPT
2. Access to quality and inclusive education of children through integration of school development plan into GPDP Shri. Santosh Kumar Yadav, Additional Secretary (Department of School Education & Literacy, Ministry of Education) PPT
3. Integration of Village Poverty Reduction Plan (VPRP) into GPDP Shri. Charanjit Singh, Additional Secretary, (Ministry of Rural Development) PPT
4. Ensuring access to clean water and sanitation in rural areas through transforming to Water Sufficient Village and Clean & Green Village Shri. Manoj Kumar sahoo, Joint Secretary, DWS PPT
5. Ensuring Women Friendly Village and Child Friendly Village through addressing the needs of the women & Bal/Ballika sabha Smt. Indra Mallo, (JS-MoWCD) PPT
6. Financial Inclusion Campaign at Gram Panchayat towards creating socially just & proverty free village Shri. Sushil Kumar Singh, Director, Department of Financial Service, MoF PPT
7. Ensuring access to quality health care services for transforming into healthy village Smt. Neha Garg, Director, MoHFW PPT
8. Orientation on the revamped GPDP portal for preparation of thematic GPDP/BPDP/DPDP NIC Team PPT
9. Integration of Gram Manchitra Portal in preparation of GPDP-Special Digital Initiatives NIC Team PPT
10. Mobile Application for Data NRSC Team PPT
11. Integration of Village Water Conservation Plan into GPDP for restoration & sustainable use of eco system Smt. Archana Varma, Additional Secretary, Department of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation,(MoJS) PPT


State Wise Presentation


Sl.No. State Name Presentation
1  Uttar Pradesh  PPT
2  Kerala  PPT
3  Mizoram  PPT
4  Andhra Pradesh  PPT
5  Arunachal Pradesh  PPT
6  Assam  PPT
7  Bihar  PPT
8  DNH & DD  PPT
9  Haryana  PPT
10  Jammu  PPT
11  Jharkhand  PPT
12  Karnataka  PPT
13  Ladakh  PPT
14  Madhya Pradesh  PPT
15  Manipur  PPT
16  Meghalaya  PPT
17  Mizoram  PPT
18  Nagaland  PPT
19  Punjab  PPT
20  Sikkim  PPT
21  Tamil Nadu  PPT
22  Telangana  PPT
23  Tripura  PPT
24  Uttarakhand  PPT
25  West Bengal  PPT
26  Odisha  PPT
27  Rajasthan  PPT
28  Himachal Pradesh  PDF